Post ((haste)) 

I’ve been meaning to do a daily dose of classical post, well, daily, but things have gotten hectic with opera rehearsals and photography engagements. But I have a TON of music to share, especially contemporary classical, and I promise to post them soon!! [Anyone who loves John Adams or Charles Ives will want to lean an ear in during the next couple of weeks!]

Scoliosis pain management

Anyone with scoliosis know of good ways to deal with daily pain? I have my deneroll and am dancing again, but anymore it’s so painful to sit for any extended amount of time. :( 

Daily Dose of Classical // Day 19: “Very Early”- Bill Evans

Bill Evans was known as a jazz pianist, playing alongside the likes of Miles Davis during the 1960’s; but few know him as a composer, and certainly this should not go unrecognized. His works are the perfect blend of a hybrid-cool/free jazz and early 20th century classical music. From a classical standpoint, his music hearkens back to the days of young Anton Webern and his Passacaglia, Op. 1. His orchestration is sparse, and seems to fade in and out, almost like pointillism in art, or what is known as punctualism in music. Juxtapose that with a cool jazz, Mile Davis “Kind of Blue” style, and you get an exceptional new form of music that is delightful and refreshing to listen to.

rare gem: Mal Fitch

I stumbled upon this rare album on vinyl a few days ago. I bought it on an impulsive, blind hunch that I’d enjoy it for my collection. Mal Fitch implements such a refreshing, unique style to the cool jazz genre, and I just fell in love the moment the needle hit the record.

unquenchable love

My logo for my photography business has now been created, and I couldn’t love it more. At the center of it is a Lebanese cedar, which is the type of wood used throughout scripture, particularly in the Song of Songs, my favorite book. <3 Website is up and running, and prep for a wedding shoot is under way! I’m so happy my business is kicking off!